Hi there, I’m Barbara

I’m a graphic designer specializing in fun, authentic, and human-centered brand identities and web design.

Let me tell you my story

why I do what I do

My Design Ethos

Have you ever found yourself scrolling past an advertisement as soon as you see the « learn more » button? Yeah, me too.

Our world is flooded with ads and marketing pitches everywhere we look, and your audience will quickly realize when they are being sold or pitched to. That’s why creating brand identities and content that prioritizes human connection and trust is essential. Why would anyone settle for generic, mass-produced content when they could have authentic conversations with real people and their products or services?

My promise to you: You will always get my very best work and my communications with you will always be positive and open-minded. I take great pride in my work, so your brand’s success is important to me and I will work hard to make your vision reality.
My goal as a designer: find your brand’s magic sauce and incorporate it into an identity that screams what your business is all about.


I’m not a fan of the spotlight buuut

Here’s a few things about me

My Career Path

It’s been pretty varied

I didn’t start my career as a freelance graphic designer, but as a communications officer for an international school. I had the opportunity there to hone my graphic design skills, redesigning everything from A to Z, and learned a ton about brand strategy and how to communicate authentically with an audience. It was a really rewarding experience and I loved working for a place so centered around a common goal. However, I really wanted to seek a new challenge, which led me to leave and create my own freelance graphic design business.

My Education

I studied Art

I studied Media Arts in college, which is an art discipline that involves creating representations of the world and telling stories through various communication technologies such as television, film/video, photography, newspapers, radio, video games, the internet, and mobile media. The media field is wide-ranging, so I chose to specialize in photography and later expanded my skills to design and digital art. Although I enjoy photography, I realized that my true passion lies in brand identities and design, which is why I pursued it as a career.

Some of my favs

Plants, sewing, and photography

I love sewing, it's such a rewarding experience to make your clothes, but it can also be frustrating when things don't go as planned. I've also recently taken up gardening, which I enjoy thoroughly because I find it meditative and soothing but also physically demanding (hello biceps). However, photography is my one true love. I've been taking pictures since I was gifted a Barbie Polaroid when I was around 10 years old, and I still love taking pictures of anything and everything. I am still amazed by the moments when an image takes my breath away.

Behind the scenes

Busy woman

I'm originally from the USA and have been living in France for more than a decade now, so I speak fluently both English and French. I run my business full time from my home and I’m also a mom of two. It’s crazy busy but I love it! My family is multicultural (I’m American, my partner is French), which can make for some interesting discussions at the dinner table in Franglais.

So, why pick me?

Because listening is my superpower, but I also keep it real and tell you how it is!

Communication is key when designing your brand. My process allows for my expertise to be put to use for your business goals, your brand voice and your needs. I’m here to build a brand that you adore and brings the results.